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PDO Thread Lift in Roseville, CA

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What Is a PDO Thread Lift?

At Modern Aesthetics, PDO thread lifting is a nonsurgical technique that boosts and tightens drooping facial skin. Thread lifting is, in many cases, a perfect choice for individuals who may be hesitant to have a facelift operation but wish to reduce the signs of aging, such as lines, creases, and loose skin. Medical director Dr. Shahzad Anwar uses PDO collagen threads (also called polydioxanone threads), which are dissolvable sutures stitched into the skin to boost collagen formation and elevate saggy skin and furrow lines. Sometimes referred to as a "lunchtime lift," a thread lift will not require a lengthy healing time. Schedule an appointment at our office in Roseville, CA to see whether a PDO thread lift could be a good nonsurgical option for your goals.

How Does a PDO Thread Lift Work?

A PDO thread lift is a minimally invasive procedure that often takes approximately an hour to finish. Prior to the thread lift treatment, a member of our team will check with you to determine what type of threads to use, the number to administer, and the best placement to create optimal results. Typically, a topical numbing agent is utilized to numb the procedure areas and allow you to relax. Dr. Anwar will arrange the threads into chosen regions of your face using a fine needle. The threads are carefully tightened to produce an uplifted appearance and a natural-appearing result. No incisions or cuts are required with this process.


Dr. Anwar is amazing!! I went in for PDO threads and was a little nervous. His knowledge and expertise put my mind at ease immediately. The procedure was painless and I had excellent results. I LOVE the threads!!!! I also had Botox done at the same time with perfect results as well. Dr. Anwar really listens and explains things to make you comfortable. I was very impressed and highly recommend him. Thank you Dr. Anwar 😁

E. Google

Dr. Anwar is amazing! I have been his patient for many years and drive quite a distance to see him. I have very thin, sun-damaged skin that makes me a difficult patient to work with. I’m also very picky. Some treatments just don’t work on me because my skin is too thin (ie fillers). Dr. Anwar is always honest with me about what he thinks will work versus what won’t. He is always looking for something new to try. The PDO threads have been miraculous! Very dramatic results, and my skin is actually building collagen again and getting thicker. The fine lines are so much better. Botox also works well for me, and Dr Anwar always does beautiful work there too. Looking younger, but also very natural is my goal, and Dr Anwar excels at this. My friends that I have brought along with me have also been very happy with the results. I give Dr Anwar my highest recommendation! Caroline

C.N. Google

From start to finish, our whole experience was absolutely amazing! Dr. Anwar and receptionist was wonderful! They were welcoming and super informative. After I had a baby, my face got a little saggy. I didn't want to go into major surgery for a face lift so I went for the PDO thread lift and boy... BEST DECISION EVER!! I am 35 years old and look like a 28 year old gal again lol. I have ZERO TOLERANCE for pain so I was pretty nervous about the procedure. However, Dr. Anwar gave me a tool to hold to comfort me and walked me through the whole process. The procedure was painless and quicker than I expected. It really is a lunch time face lift. There was no crazy bruising! Therfore, I have no problem attending my black and white tie event tomorrow. I drove all the way from the Bay area and will be driving back again for more procedures. I'm happy I found my new home. Thank you so much again!!!

L.L. Google

Dr Anwar exceeded my expectations! I was somewhat apprehensive about lifting my jowls with a thread lift but he put me at ease and did an excellent job! I’m not a fan of too much filler and the threading was able to do just that! There was no bruising and no pain! Dr Anwar is gentle, always explains what he is doing and has a good bedside manner I am very pleased with the results and highly recommend Dr Anwar for all facial needs!

J.B. Google

Dr Anwar answered all my questions and I am happy with my results of filler and thread lift. He is very professional and I recommend him.

L. Google


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Get A Nonsurgical Lift

Facial thread lifts can provide a noninvasive alternative to tighten sagging skin and create a natural-looking appearance. If you deal with mild to medium loss of elasticity, wrinkly skin, or simply desire a renewed appearance, contact Modern Aesthetics in Roseville, CA to schedule a consultation with Dr. Shahzad Anwar to learn more about PDO thread lifts or explore our other anti-aging facial treatment options.

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What is the cost of a PDO thread lift?

The actual price of your thread lifting treatment may fluctuate based on the number of threads used, and will be selected based on your needs and goals. Bear in mind that a thread lift is significantly lower in price than a cosmetic surgical procedure, so it could work an option for a facelift surgery alternative. The team at Modern Aesthetics will share pricing information during your initial consult.

How long will my thread lift outcomes be seen?

This will be based on the initial condition of your skin. In most cases, the results of PDO thread lifting might be visible for at least 18 months or more. After this period, you might want to schedule a subsequent treatment so you can maintain a radiant appearance. You could further preserve your outcomes by keeping a healthy lifestyle, which involves a balanced eating plan, consistent exercise, and an at-home skin care regimen.

Does a PDO thread lift hurt?

No, the majority of individuals do not experience discomfort during PDO thread lifting. Before starting, an anesthetic gel is usually be applied to numb the treatment area so you'll stay at ease throughout the entire treatment. A number of individuals may have mild soreness or inflammation following the procedure, although this normally dissipates over a few days.

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