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Information About Med Spa Procedures

Health and Wellness

Lipotropic Shots

Increase your metabolism, elevate your energy, and achieve natural weight loss with fat-burning lipotropic shots at our Roseville, CA practice.

Sermorelin Peptide Therapy

Sermorelin HGH Analog peptide helps to support faster and better collagen production, making it an ideal complement to laser rejuvenation treatments.

Oral Sarcotropin

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Semaglutide in Roseville, CA can help men and women lose weight, improve overall health, and curb cravings with a subcutaneous injection each week.

IV Therapy

If you would like more energy or are interested in preserving your vitality and well-being, IV therapy offers an exceptional and effective solution.

Modern Reset™

A Modern Reset is a custom plan to help rebalance your health and enhance your body's overall wellness through a combination of advanced treatments.

COVID-19 Vaccination

At Modern Aesthetics, we offer COVID-19 vaccinations to help safeguard your health, as well as rapid COVID-19 tests to assess your needs quickly.

Comprehensive Lab Testing

Modern Aesthetics is proud to provide comprehensive lab testing to meet the routine and diagnostic testing needs of Roseville, CA area patients.

Weight Management

Using several personalized methods, a custom-designed weight management program will allow you to meet your weight loss goals for a healthier life.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormonal imbalances can cause many unpleasant problems, but our Roseville, CA team can help you regain control with hormone replacement therapy.

3D Body Scan

To help you on your weight loss journey and to give you an accurate view of your progress, Modern Aesthetics proudly offers advanced 3D body scans.

Wellness Coaching

Personalized wellness coaching at our Roseville, CA location can help enhance your overall wellness and is tailor-made to help you reach your goals.

Nutrition Coaching

Manage your weight and learn to maintain a proper diet through nutritional coaching tailored to your individualized needs and weight loss goals.

Sleep Medicine

If you are suffering from a lack of proper sleep, sleep medicine at Modern Aesthetics can relieve your symptoms and help enhance your quality of life.

Telemedicine Visits

Modern Aesthetics proudly offers telemedicine visits to individuals of all ages to address various health issues with convenient, comprehensive care.

Modern Wellness

Optimize your health and achieve long-term weight loss with modern wellness – a customized exercise and nutrition plan tailored to your unique needs.

Peptide Therapy

As peptides decrease over time, peptide therapy can help boost healing and increase the body's functionality to help optimize your health naturally.

Optimal Combined Treatments

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HCG Weight Loss

Our comprehensive information page on HCG weight loss
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