Russian Lips

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Russian Lips

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Russian lips have become a popular aesthetic. The flatter, wider, and heart-shaped look of the lips, which has become associated with women of Russian descent, is now highly sought after in American culture. At Modern Aesthetics, we provide high-quality Russian Lips treatments in Roseville.


What Is a Russian Lips Treatment?

The Russian Lips treatment is an injectable lip filler technique used to create flat and heart-shaped lips. The amount of filler used for each injection is much smaller than with a traditional lip filler treatment.

The targets for the filler injections are the surrounding areas around the center of the lips. Instead of the horizontal dragging associated with traditional injectable lip augmentation, in a Russian Lips treatment, the injections start from the base and move towards the top of the lip.

Is the Russian Lips Filler Technique Right for Me?

The Russian Lips lip enhancement treatment is appropriate for all healthy patients. Patients who are not satisfied with their current lip aesthetic are good candidates for Russian Lips filler injections. Patients with thin and aging lips are excellent candidates.

Your Consultation

During your consultation, we will discuss your goals and examine your lips. We will look over your complete medical history, including all past treatments, to make sure you are safe to have a filler treatment.

We will also recommend a lip filler for your session. We offer the newest HA filler products, including RHA fillers and the Restylane and Juvederm families of products.

Based on your selection, we will create the ideal treatment plan so you can have the perfect Russian Lip aesthetic. We will address all questions before finalizing the schedule of your filler treatment. Instructions will be provided to prepare for the procedure.

Your Lip Filler Treatment Session

Due to the specialized nature of the technique, the Russian Lips treatment session will take a bit longer than the traditional filler session. The session may take around an hour or so.

The lips will be cleansed, and topical anesthesia may be applied to make the patient more comfortable during the injections. Multiple injections will be performed to apply small amounts of the chosen filler according to the treatment plan. The treatment will continue until the Russian Lips aesthetic is achieved.

After Your Filler Session

No recovery period will be necessary, and the patient can go home soon after their Russian Lips treatment session. The patient can go back to their daily activities, but certain strenuous activities, especially those which could affect the face, are prohibited.

Massaging the lips will be prohibited to avoid unwanted spreading of the dermal filler. The patient will experience temporary swelling and bruising, which will disappear in the following days.

Once the swelling and bruising subside, the patient can enjoy the full results of their Russian Lips injection session. Results can be seen for at least half a year and up to 12 months. Maintenance appointments may be scheduled.

How Much Does a Russian Lips Filler Treatment Cost?

The price of the chosen lip filler and the amount used are the primary factors that determine the total cost of the Russian Lips treatment.

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For over 10 years I have been providing clients with a Natural and Refreshed outcome.As an Advanced Aesthetic Injector I am always evolving new approaches for clients to ensure that they receive a safe and elegant outcome. With the advantage of refined techniques my clients are generally able to have minimal downtime and return to normal activities fairly quickly. In my Practice I have had the honor of serving over 5000 clients, injecting over 350,000 units of Botox/Newtox and 6000 syringes of filler I can confidently say that I specialize in the Art of Structural Rejuvenation using Injection based techniques.

Dr. Shahzad Anwar

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First thing I notice is the front desk. She was so nice and friendly when I first walk in. Having my consultation with the doctor was easy and comfortable. He is easy to talk to about what I wanted and needed. He was informative, and told me what I needed for the best results for what I wanted. I drove from Tracy to see him today…. about an 1hr and a half drive. Think that in its self speaks wonders for how great of doctor he is. The new office is beautiful, and I can’t wait to make the 1hr 30min commute to see him again.

– K. Austin
Your Russian Lips treatment will be performed by the Modern Aesthetics's team in Roseville.